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Batman: Battle For The Cowl s/c

Batman: Battle For The Cowl s/c back

Tony S. Daniel, Fabian Nicieza & Tony S. Daniel, Jamie McKelvie, Dustin Nguyen, Guillem March, ChrisCross, Alex Konat, Mark McKenna


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Fast-paced, action-orientated mini-series by Tony S. Daniel which zips neatly along as Batman's extended family of cohorts - Nightwing, Robin, Oracle, Damian, Huntress, Black Canary etc. - try to keep the lid on a Gotham thrown into violent chaos in the vacuum left by Batman's absence. For a start, there's a struggle for power between Two-Face and Penguin which the Black Mask takes advantage by conscripting Arkham Asylum's newly liberated denizens. There are also stories about Gotham's Police Department being infiltrated, officers being intimidated into resigning, and according to narrator Robin, "The citizens of Gotham are looking for a saviour. For someone to take back the streets. They're looking for Batman. Or A Batman." So who is the Batman who's already started work beefed up in black armour and handguns? Is it too obvious that it's Jason Todd (Robin mark II), or is it just Jason?

The original Robin, Dick Grayson AKA Nightwing, is the star of the show. If I recall correctly he refused outright to be passed and so wear the mantle of Batman post-KNIGHTFALL. Will Grayson let it fall into the wrong hands yet again, or will he take back what is rightfully his from this raging usurper?

This is the missing link between Grant Morrisson's BATMAN: R.I.P. / FINAL CRISIS and his BATMAN & ROBIN. By no means obligatory, I'm just letting you know. Also included: a few attendant tie-ins (although there is also a BATMAN: BATTLE FOR THE COWL COMPANION available for even wider tie-ins) and some frenzied pencil art from Daniel.
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