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Batman: Cacophony s/c

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Kevin Smith & Walt Flanagan


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Crude. As in rough and rude in a juvenile manner.

While The Joker's been incarcerated in Arkham Asylum, someone's derived a recreational drug from his trade-mark poison and been distributing it in his very own nightclub. When you come down from that, a lack of serotonin is the least of your problems. A victim's parents hire Deadshot to break into Arkham and murder the grinning baboon, but the walking talking sound effect that's Cacophony gets there too, rescues The Joker and uses him as bait to lure out Batman just for the sake of a trophy.

The art's by no means the worst you'll have seen in a superhero comic, but not of the calibre you'd expect to be associated with a hardcover or Kevin Smith. But then nor is the writing.

Things best avoided #722: a prolonged discussion or handwringing monologue on whether saving The Joker's life is worth failing to apprehend another murderous maniac. It isn't.

There, I've done it in two words rather than two dozen pages, and I've answered correctly whereas Smith isn't remotely persuasive on the opposite side of the court.

Secondly, Cacophony - why? Not necessarily why does he repeat every non-verbalised sound he hears (though that might be welcome), but why has Smith created someone who does so? It doesn't contribute to the dramatic tension, it's never funny... it's just a hollow gimmick. There are three pages at the end in which we meet his family, and I thought maybe they'd provide a punchline in that regard, but no. The original script to the third issue is reprinted at the back. If I was Walt Flanagan it wouldn't have inspired me to push the boat out, either, yet neither seem suitably embarrassed.