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Batman: Earth One vol 1 s/c

Batman: Earth One vol 1 s/c back

Geoff Johns & Gary Frank


Page 45 Review by Stephen

“Who in their right mind transfers to Gotham?”

Oh dear, what a shame.

We love our Geoff Johns, writer of GREEN LANTERN, and I absolutely adore Gary Frank, the spectacular artist on SUPREME POWER, MIDNIGHT NATION, and SUPERMAN AND THE LEGION OF SUPERHEROES. Plus SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, the inaugural graphic novel in this series seemingly stalled until now sold out an entire day before publication! For three years its readers have been desperate to lap up its successor, silently seething in disbelief when I’ve told them it’s been so delayed. So here it is, Merry Christmas! Are you really having fun?

The premise behind this purported series of graphic novels (two so far over three years) is that you can enter without any baggage: a completely blank canvas on which the author and artist can paint any present they like without care for the past or indeed future. And I do wonder if the success of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE catalysed the entire DC New 52 initiative. Since that reboot – whereby every title reverted to #1 almost starting from scratch – I guess this premise had been rendered somewhat redundant; but that doesn’t mean, given carte blanche, that you shouldn’t experiment. So why, as Jonathan said, would you be so bland?

It is, I’m afraid, yet another direly dull rehash of Batman’s childhood trauma and, oh, mother’s lost her pearls again! Bruce is slightly recast as a spoiled and entitled brat partially responsible for his parents’ deaths (it worked so well for Peter Parker) and Alfred’s new role is certainly far from the family butler. Excellent: we have detours. Neither works.

I am genuinely surprised and disappointed given the creators involved that this plods along in such a pedestrian fashion. I wanted to sing its praises to the neo-gothic, cathedralic Gotham rafters. Instead I’m left to lament that although this is pretty – oh, so pretty – it is also pretty vacant.