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Belladonna Fire Fury #13 Shield Maiden

Belladonna Fire Fury #13 Shield Maiden back

Pat Shand & Nahuel Lopez, Matt Martin

Date Released: Expected 30-Oct-19


Preview by Publisher Blurb

This is the way the world ends… The final battle and epic conclusion! Belladonna will never be the same as the body count washes the island with blood! Available with these sexy covers: Regular (& Nude) by Nahuel Lopez - Shield Maiden (& Topless, Nude, Wetwork Nude) by Matt Martin - Bondage (& Nude) + Killer Body (& Nude) + Stunning (& Nude) + Viking Vixen (& Nude & Adult) + 50 Shades Nude by Renato Camilo - Wraparound (& Nude) by Raulo Caceres - Sultry (& Nude & Adult) + Vicious (& Nude & Adult) + Luscious (& Nude & Adult) by Christian Zanier. To see the uncensored covers, please visit
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