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Captain America: Reborn s/c

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Ed Brubaker & Bryan Hitch, Butch Guice, Luke Ross


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Another visual feast from Bryan ULTIMATES Hitch, whose forte (apart from anatomically perfect, neoclassical figure-work) is scale. Whether it's when he opens up the landscape in Scotland (FANTASTIC FOUR) or looks down over Manhattan, or when he juxtaposes the tiny with the substantial or the many with the enormous, Hitch is magnificent. Size-shifting Hank Pym is always useful for that, and one of the finest pages in ULTIMATES was Pym's first growth spurt: even on his haunches at two hundred feet-tall every inch of his naked body presses right up against laboratory walls. Here it's Hank Pym once more, shrinking this time to inspect the gun used to kill Captain America while The Falcon, The Vision and Sharon Carter, Steve Rogers' ex-lover, loom over him in a scene reminiscent of AVENGERS #93.

Completely accessible to newcomers who haven't been following Brubaker's improbably fine run on CAPTAIN AMERICA, you'll be shown everything you need to know about Rogers' recent plight in a way cleverly played so as not to bore regulars, for Sharon Carter's memories have been returning and with them the key to Steve's fate. It was Sharon who shot him on the steps of the court, you see, but shot him with what...? Bucky and the Black Widow, meanwhile, have infiltrated the H.A.M.M.E.R. Helicarrier with the help of Nick Fury, whilst Norman Osborn is having an interesting conversation with scientist Armin Zola about Doctor Doom and a certain piece of technology ... The clues were all there in the original series, so it's a very satisfying twist, because with Steve Rogers' body missing from its watery grave, it's not a question of "Where is it now?" but -
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