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Captain America: Red Menace Ultimate Collection

Captain America: Red Menace Ultimate Collection back

Ed Brubaker & Mike Perkins, Steve Epting, Javier Pulido, Masrcos Martin



In previous reviews for this improbably gripping series, I've talked about how Brubaker successfully splices his genres to create hybrids - in this case (see also SLEEPER and INCOGNITO) a dark, international espionage thriller. Even the Captain's costume ceases to be gaudy in this high-tech, twilight world thanks to Epting, Lark and Frank D'Armata on colours. But what really hits you in this title is the utter isolation of the man behind the mask. In spite of his new friendships since emerging from a twenty-year freeze - and he does treasure each for who they are - there is no one who quite understands him the way Bucky did back in the 1940s.

There's a superbly sombre scene in WINTER SOLDIER set in Steve Rogers' meticulously ordered flat where he remembers that fact, alone in the middle of his couch with his head in his hands. Bucky, you see, is the Winter Soldier. All these years that Bucky's been thought dead, that Steve has spent mourning his young friend, Bucky was being used and abused and programmed to assassinate. He's been working for the other side, and now Steve Rogers may well have to kill him.

Now hot in pursuit with Sharon Carter, Steve gets some action of the other variety. Which is nice.

This reprints both previous softcovers (now out of print) in a single volume.
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