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Casanova vol 1: Luxuria

Casanova vol 1: Luxuria

Casanova vol 1: Luxuria back

Matt Fraction & Gabriel Ba


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Fire up that Space Gas of yours -- I want to get seriously abstract."

Family squabbles overwhelm any attempt to maintain international law and order at the very top of the law-and-order chain, in a sci-fi/wry-guy/spy-die bacchanal that involves time, space, mail order brides (3) plus a lost relic of World War II in the form of a giant Japanese robot, its original creators and their horny young grandson.

In black, white and khaki, CASANOVA is a Morrison-esque monstrosity of bonkers plot-play if you can keep up. It's a nuts and bolts, transdimensional, infiltration fire-fight with most of those bolts either missing or screw-loose. In effect, then: nuts.

The first chapter was like six issues of Ellis' NEXTWAVE compressed into one: bombastic, breathless, and without a care in the world for being credible - just clever and conceited, just like its protagonists. Brilliant, and he does still write them like he used to. Also: rude. Here's the Japanese couple's grandson, defending his honour, and that of his three brides:

"Ah-ah. my love. A man must be able to defend his wife."
"Wife?! Awesome."
"That's right. All these women will be my brides. I met them on the internet and traded them my family robot for their maiden-heads."
"Hope you kept the receipt, guy. Only Manhattan has bigger tunnels."

He's talking about his sister!

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