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Castle Waiting vol 1 s/c

Castle Waiting vol 1 s/c back

Linda Medley


Page 45 Review by Tom

The titular castle, once the proud home to a monarchy and security to its townsfolk, lies almost abandoned. It never quite recovered from that curse which sent its princess and all the occupants to sleep for one hundred years. That was a lifetime ago by the time we join in, but curses are a terrible bother, you know? Really bring down the resale value of a property.

It now serves as a safe-haven for those who feel society has no place for them, or those wishing to escape. Like Jane, heavily pregnant and seeking refuge from her knight who wouldn't spare the shiners in between moments of shining in armour. And like her, the castle waits for life to begin anew.

Life in these stories gently flows along at the same pace as the early BONE stories, and the timing is as perfect as Linda's art is impeccable. Not a single panel is wasted, every expression and movement serves a purpose creating a visually engaging atmosphere within the deceptively simplistic tales. Because they're not in the least simplistic more... familiar. But just as you get used to the social formula of the castle's occupants, Linda completely changes tack, throws your assumptions out the window, and begins telling stories within the story.

From what appear to be stock fairy-tale archetypes, Medley creates life and energy. Tons of little jokes and crafty looks going off in the background don't simply reference folklore and nursery rhymes, but draw from them and play with them. Restructuring the moral spirit of these tales, not necessarily carrying a new message but getting it across in a new way for a new time.
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