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Cerebus Zero

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Dave Sim & Dave Sim, Gerhard


Page 45 Review by Stephen

The three short stories within the 300-issue series itself that were never reprinted in the books, making it a very fine and affordable sampler even if it doesn't give you much sense of the scale and scope of the main series itself. It's also an essential edition to those books. Key moments occur!

At Fantastic Store Nottingham we sold 600 copies of this in the six months before the Aardvarks Over UK Tour '93 which in turn catalysed a five-hour signing that was, at the time, a record for Dave and Ger. When they returned for Page 45's second Independents Day, we trashed that record again. The cover is a homage to an old SUPERBOY comic. Dave may be mean about superhero fanboys (about, not to), but that doesn't stop him pilfering their hallowed history.

At 6,000 pages long, CEREBUS is the largest single coherent story in comics told by one man from beginning to end. It would be rude at this price not to at least take a look, eh?