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Jess Fink



"An erotic, robotic, Victorian romance."

A delightfully playful piece of silent bedtime reading, this juicy, joyful, coital tale of mismatched marital blues presents the term 'steampunk' with a whole new meaning, as well as an apposite anagram.

An explicit yet tender celebration of the act of sexual foreplay, the book begins with a spent Victorian husband too easily exhausted by his wife's more fulsome libido. He therefore sets about constructing a substitute in the form of a mechanical man, debonair, accommodating and anatomically outstanding. After trial and error and a brief flight in terror, the wife is grateful not only for the automaton's attentions but also to her husband for the gift. But her husband, perhaps feeling his marital duty fulfilled, rebuffs her reinvigorated advances only to steal after the flesh and metal couple late one night to pleasure himself voyeuristically instead. It is only when he discovers a certain portrait locked in the robot's chest cabinet that his male ego is aroused, and that usually spells trouble, doesn't it?

Recommended to those who've enjoyed Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie's LOST GIRLS or to those who simply don't have that sort of "attention span" but want a genuinely beautiful piece of erotica so evidently drawn with love by a comicbook creator unafraid to concoct something that would arouse women like herself every bit as much as men. Its soft tones, sensual curves and exotic, erotic period costumes are embellished with floral panel borders which curl round the couples, then swirl into more vigorous waves which crest during climax.

Let's hope the "vert" of attraction here swiftly replaces the "snikt" of aggression as one of the best known comicbook sound effects.
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