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Chimichanga h/c

Chimichanga h/c back

Eric Powell


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"We've done it!"
"I want this wall torn down and this stuff thrown out."
"Sir, what's going on?"
"We're shutting down your research and development wing, Dr. Lundy, to make way for our new Gas-xxxtream product."
"But sir, I've done it! I just discovered the cure for cancer! Not a trace of malignant cells can be found in these rats! We just need to start human testing!"
"Can't be helped. You're out."
"B-but... the cure for cancer!!!"
"Doctor! Do you know how many millions suffer from painful dehabilitating explosive gas every day?! You would deny them treatment?! Have you no soul?!"
"You're scrapping the cure for cancer so people won't have explosive farts?"
"Harvey, transfer the doctor to our Siberian facility."

Can I actually make a confession at this point? I've never read any GOON which Eric Powell is renowned for writing, though I did read the Goon / Dethlok crossover which was collected as a backup strip in the recent METALOCALYPSE DETHKLOK trade and was mightily amused. I can't therefore say how typical this particular work is of his output generally, but I did find it a hoot.

Enter little Lula, bearded girl at Wrinkle's Travelling Circus, and all she wanted was a chimichanga, but after a trading a lock of her beard with a passing witch for a pretty rock, it turns out to be an egg which promptly hatches into a rather boisterous monster with gargantuan strength (and appetite). Naming it Chimichanga in tribute to her favourite snack, Lula quite naturally thinks it would make a marvellous new attraction for her grandfather's circus, even if <ahem> strongman Randy, "with the strength of a slightly larger man" feels more than a little put out by the new arrival.

Meanwhile, back at the witch's house the wrinkled old crone has managed, with the aid of Lula's hair, to create a potion that temporarily cures the taker of any painful trapped gas. The fact that it's only temporary is extremely important to the greedy pharmaceutical boss, who of course wouldn't ever want to cure anyone of anything permanently now would he, as that would be a complete disaster for his business! Unfortunately, the witch only has enough of her secret ingredient for a small production run, necessitating Lula's kidnapping to ensure a continuous supply of bearded lady's shavings for the dastardly scheme. So it's up to Uncle Wrinkle, Chimichanga and various other associated members of the travelling circus to save the day and put the evil capitalist scumbag in his place.

This is great all-ages fun that definitely isn't just for kids, much of the story is squarely aimed at more cynical adult sensibilities, albeit done with great humour, and I found it very entertaining, certainly enough so to convince me to have a look at THE GOON.