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Come Again h/c

Come Again h/c Come Again h/c

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Nate Powell


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Desire disguised as a joke, betrayal as trust."

Begins creepily enough, becomes increasingly worrying, hits a high screech of horror and then veers into completely unexpected territory.

There's nothing like a hidden door underground, seen through a wound of a hole in the bank of a hill, to make your stomach start churning early on.

Let's hit the publisher up for a hint, eh?

"As the sun sets on the 1970s, the spirit of the Love Generation still lingers among the aging hippies of one 'intentional community' high in the Ozarks. But what's missing? Under impossibly close scrutiny, two families wrestle with long-repressed secrets… while deep within those Arkansas hills, something monstrous stirs, ready to feast on village whispers. National Book Award-winner Nate Powell returns with a haunting tale of intimacy, guilt, and collective amnesia."

If the name Nate Powell rings a bell it's most likely to be as the artist on the MARCH trilogy as told by Congressman John Lewis himself, or the similarly civil-rights-orientated struggle THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS or perhaps even the Young Adult THE YEAR OF THE BEASTS which was partly about self-image. I found all those thoroughly affecting.

A woman lives with her son in said small "intentional community" uphill and well away from the town down below. You infer early on from the way her eyes wander over the other occupants in their communal dining room that she's not exactly comfortable.

"One of the hardest concepts to teach my Jake now is to mind his own business... In a community like this we are each other's business."

Probably not the best environment in which to carry on an illicit affair, then, even behind a hidden door underground. The cost of burying secrets can be higher than you think. Kids do like to explore, don't they?

The darkness is terrifying, and there's plenty of that, I promise you.