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Copra Round 5

Copra Round 5 Copra Round 5 Copra Round 5 Copra Round 5

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Michel Fiffe


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"And I'm about to lose my shit, thanks for asking.
"The problem with being a control freak is that you're always looking for situations you can control, obviously.
"Maybe you find yourself attracted to chaos, as having something to fix or clean up gives you purpose, gives you meaning.
"There's no end in either situation, though. No peace. Not that I'm trying to change.
"I will admit this: my therapist said "Control Freak" had negative connotations.
"He said that I should think of it as an "Omnipotent Mother Complex" instead.
"I fired him."

I have to say, Control Freak is a much better superhero name than Omnipotent Mother Complex, even if that does sounds quite Kirby-esque, DC era. Michel Fiffe freely admits his Jack Kirby influences, and indeed also to Frank Miller, which is particularly evident in certain aspects of his illustrative style, but make no mistake this is most definitely its own rampaging, beautifully bombastic beast.

COPRA is absolutely a superhero book, again, something that Fiffe readily states, but it is a superhero book in the same sense that Brandon Graham and chums' PROPHET is a superhero book. In other words, it is uniquely different whilst still honouring many of its prodigious forbearers and thus far, far elevating itself above the boringly complacent standard capes and tights fare.

As loquaciously written (with some absolutely cracking and utterly hilarious dialogue) as it is loosely illustrated, I can see why this title found an ardent army of fans who are as loyal to Fiffe as, say, fans of Paul Pope like myself are. The end result just feels like a top-notch creator effortlessly dashing it off, but you can see just how much thought and effort has gone into the construction of this yarn. Yes, you'll spot crackpot reworkings of certain classic Big Two characters, but that is most certainly entirely satirical in intent and entertainingly exemplary in execution.

I'm not even going to attempt to summarise the plot (mad), side-plots (madder) or tell you about the bizarre cast of characters (utterly crackpot). Suffice to say, people who prefer their capes and tights all neat and corporate shouldn't even bother to look at this. People who prefer their comics as deliciously dangerous as they are delightful daft will love it.