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Tadd Galusha


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"When a Tyrannosaurus Rex is separated from its family unit, it embarks on a harrowing journey to reunite with them before the raw, real dangers of the Cretaceous Era separate them for good. This heart-wrenching story takes to the skies and dives into the sea-and explores everywhere in between in this research-based, fictional account written and illustrated by Tadd Galusha."

Readers of a certain age - practically the Jurassic, it was that long ago - may well remember Ricardo Delgado's hugely imaginative and impressively illustrated AGE OF REPTILES, a wordless feeding frenzy of T Rex and Velociraptors working their way down the frightened food chain like someone offered free happy meals for life at the local burger joint. If you're not entirely fossilised by now under the weight of much collapsed Cambrian canopy and do happen to vaguely remember loving that, well, look no further, you will love this.

Actually, you should also look at the excellent fourth instalment of Frederic Brremaud & Federico Bertolucci's wordless wildlife watch that is LOVE: THE DINOSAUR.

Artistically, though, this has much more in common with Ricardo Delgado's material, even down to the startled expressions on the panicky dino-faces as a huge predator comes crashing through the bushes not remotely fussed about their side-order of fries and milk shake.

I'm pleased the publisher clarified this was a fictional account, though, as I was starting to wonder whether Tadd had access to a time machine like the classic dinosaur farming catastrophe from the pages of 2000AD that was simply titled FLESH.

Anyway... in terms of showcasing the livestock of the epoch we really do get an up close and personal tour of practically all the animals alive at the time. I think even David Attenborough would be impressed at how many Tadd manages to fit in! Though there certainly aren't quite so many left alive by the end...

The silent storytelling is excellent, again certainly comparable to AGE OF REPTILES, you have a real sense of being the proverbial prehistoric fly on the wall watching in. Though obviously there were no walls at the time and even if there were the flies would have been so huge they would have probably knocked them straight over...

So if, in summary, you fancy a second course of dinosaur dietary delights or indeed simply wish to sample a degustation of dinosaur dainties for the very first time please just tuck in. Even vegetarians like myself are certain to enjoy...
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