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Cult Of The Ibis h/c

Cult Of The Ibis h/c Cult Of The Ibis h/c Cult Of The Ibis h/c

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Daria Tessler


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

It's like stereo surrealists Hans THE SQUIRREL MACHINE Rickheit and Theo THE UNDERSTANDING MONSTER Ellsworth have had their DNA combined in a terrible accident involving a riso printer and decided the only thing they could possibly do was to carry on making comics. Or something. Here is the marginally more coherent explanation from the publisher for this madness...

"This exquisite and mostly silent graphic novel takes place in a fantasy cityscape loosely inspired by German expressionist films. Cult of the Ibis tells the story of an occultist getaway-driver who, after escaping with the loot from a bank robbery gone wrong, orders a build-your-own-homunculus kit and goes on the lam. Steeped in architecture and atmosphere, Tessler's gorgeous cartooning fuels this strangely gripping yarn, which is packaged in a gorgeous hardcover design."

Despite my recombinant ratiocination the closest singular point of comparison would have to be A. Degen's MIGHTY STAR AND THE CASTLE OF THE CANCATERVATER.

It's all so clear to you now isn't it?


Could you explain it to me please?