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Cyanide & Happiness vol 1 s/c

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Kris, Rob, Matt, Dave


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Vulgarity as such rarely amuses me except, it seems, when I'm reviewing gay manga - and I do mean 'gay', not 'naff', though they invariably are. Nor do online gag strips tend to tickle me outside of HELP IS ON THE WAY, WONDERMARK, THE PERRY BIBLE FELLOWSHIP and PEDIGREE GIRLS. They're so cheap and easy to set up that they're generally the province of those who couldn't even hold a pencil for lack of opposable thumbs.

This, I am delighted to report, is a startlingly fine exception to both rules, so visually driven that the gags can't be typed up for love nor money so here's hoping Domique, our diva of data, can steal a few key examples for promotional purposes only.

Some are artistic, some genuinely literate, some contagious, some visually inventive, whilst others are just stoopid.