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Daredevil: Ultimate Brubaker Collection vol 2

Daredevil: Ultimate Brubaker Collection vol 2 back

Ed Brubaker, & Michael Lark, Stefano Gaudiano, Paul Azaceta


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"This is what love is... what happiness does to you... Reminds you how fragile it all is. How easily it can be taken away."

From the first chapter or prologue to this new storyline, it's immediately clear that this is about Mila, Matt's new, blind wife. She sits up late into the night, worrying for him and waiting for him to come home, trying to define her heart. But Mila thinks the fragility and danger lie in Matt's life as Daredevil: that something even more terrible than last year's nightmare – when his secrets were uncovered, his mind unravelled and he ended up in prison – will happen to her husband and steal away her happiness. And something will happen, but it will happen to Mila, and neither you nor she will never see it coming.

Meanwhile The Gladiator – a reformed and at heart honourable man – is caught at the scene of a massacre in his jail's workshop, his trademark saw-blades embedded in the victims' chests. But he swears he didn't do it, and the puzzler is that when Matt, however reluctant to take the case, visits him in prison, he can tell through listening to the man's heartbeat that he didn't do it. Or at least, he doesn't remember doing it. He certainly believes he's innocent, but is he? When push comes to shove, what are any of us capable of...?

Obviously we recommend the whole of Bendis' run as much as we do Ed's first storyline, but you can jump straight in here, and I encourage any readers of GOTHAM CENTRAL, SLEEPER or CRIMINAL to do so. Lark brings those same sensibilities to bear here that he bestowed on GOTHAM CENTRAL – lot of texture in a nocturnal urban landscape – and he's quite close to Phillips in feel if not overall style.

Absolutely devastating. Cleverly composed, superbly orchestrated, and poignantly performed, all without recourse to extrinsic extended metaphors.
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