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Defenders: The Best Defense s/c

Defenders: The Best Defense s/c Defenders: The Best Defense s/c Defenders: The Best Defense s/c

Defenders: The Best Defense s/c back

Al Ewing, Chip Zdarsky, Gerry Duggan, Jason Latour & Simone Di Meo, Carlos Magno, Greg Smallwood


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"And NOW... knock, knock."
"Hnh. Who's there?"

I'll let the publisher answer that question!

"Doctor Strange! The Hulk! Namor the Sub-Mariner! The Silver Surfer! An unsolvable murder. An aquatic doorway to nothingness. A wanderer at the end of time. And a cosmic train of planetary proportions. Four seemingly unrelated events that will require the powers and insights of the greatest non-team of all.

Only they can connect the dots and challenge the strange power behind these disconnected happenings before all of reality pays the price! But Doctor Strange is…dead? Namor has declared war on the surface world! The Surfer once more serves Galactus! And the Hulk is…Immortal! Estranged and distressed can these former allies come together in time to stave off a crisis of cosmic proportions? Don't call them a team - call them the Defenders! Collecting IMMORTAL HULK: DEFENDERS, NAMOR: DEFENDERS, DOCTOR STRANGE: DEFENDERS, SILVER SURFER: DEFENDERS and DEFENDERS: THE BEST DEFENSE."

Well, good to see the hype writer can connect the full stops and exclamation marks, if not actually use any commas. That was all a bit breathless, wasn't it? I wonder if the Hulk was sitting on them?

Anyway, a rare-ish Page 45 review for a supes book purely because I really rather enjoyed this. I can still remember the "Whaddya Mean, Non-Team?" proclamation on the front cover of my Marvel UK Weekly reprint of THE DEFENDERS #1. I must have read that issue a million times. That original run of THE DEFENDERS which went on to feature various other characters and get pretty weird in places indeed (the elf with a gun, anyone...?) was a genuine classic run.

So it was with my nostalgia head on that I gave this a whirl and whilst it is certainly no HAWKEYE or MISTER MIRACLE, the talented team of writers and artists involved such as Al Ewing who's IMMORTAL HULK is my pick of the current Marvel books, make this self-contained yarn a real fun romp that will appeal to old school fans and new ones alike.

It's a relay race of a story that passes from character to character rather than a traditional collective team-up, I guess staying true to the original non-team ethos that thus allows each writer to give their particular character their full turn in the (Marvel) spotlight. Yes, of course, things start to overlap and intertwine with the obligatory bickering that was also a hallmark of the early Defenders material, but as a whole it is perfectly well written tights-and-capes tomfoolery that tickled my nostalgia funny bone in just the right way.