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Dementia 21 vol 1 Dementia 21 vol 1 Dementia 21 vol 1 Dementia 21 vol 1

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Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"I... I don't understand... There must be some kind of mistake!"
"We've had a lot of complaints from your former clients. Mixing up medicines, miscounting calories, allergic reactions... These have cancelled out your high scores."
"There must be some kind of mistake!"
"At this rate we'll have to cut your pay. And your bonus."
"Let me care for them again. I'll clear this up!"
"Sorry, but they say they never want to see you again. I can't let you go back now."
"But... but..."
"So I'm sending you to another client. This is your chance to redeem yourself. Don't let me down."
"Yes, sir! I'll pour my heart and soul into this job!"
"Heh heh. Nice work."
"Are you happy now? Don't you think this is a bit cruel? Sending her there?"
"I relish the thought. I hope she turns into a basket case."

As you might now already suspect, there has indeed been "some kind of mistake"... A dastardly rival to the delightful, devoted Yukie Sakai, beloved by her clients and always winning the coveted Employee of the Month title and bonus, has managed to sexually blackmail the area sales manager into fixing the customer feedback. Gasp!!! So now Yukie's being sent out on the 'special' jobs, the ones that have caused the demise of more than a fair few care assistants...

Fortunately for Yukie, she's not just got a heart of gold, she's got nerves of steel to boot. She's sure going to need them, though, as the various jobs she's forced to take by the idiotic area sales manager become ever more surreal and testing on her sanity, not to mention increasingly dangerous to life and limb! We very quickly step out of the realm of realistic horror and into Junji Ito-style darkly comedic shenanigans and indeed full-on body horror. If you are an Ito fan impatiently waiting for his FRANKENSTEIN STORY COLLECTION (later this month!) trust me, this will more than fill the contorted, twisted gap in your head, I mean life...

Apparently Shintaro Kago refers to his genre of storytelling as 'fashionable paranoia'. Not entirely sure if something has been lost in translation there or he's just been hitting the ketamine a bit too hard but if you enjoy seeing others being put through the proverbial meat grinder rather than yourself, this will be perfect for you. I also highly recommend the zombie apocalypse with a twist I AM A HERO, including some very twisted zombies, for body horror fans.
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