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Elfquest Stargazers Hunt #2 (of 6)

Elfquest Stargazers Hunt #2 (of 6) back

Wendy Pini, Richard Pini & Sonny Strait, Wendy Pini

Date Released: Expected 08-Jan-20


Preview by Publisher Blurb

Released 8th January Skywise has always been the companion to the hero, Cutter Kinseeker. But now Cutter is gone, his body part of the reborn Father Tree, his spirit free to roam. Life goes on for the stargazer; he now has a daughter, the amazing and gifted Jink, who lives to see her father happy. But a shocking secret lies concealed beneath the beautiful facade of Skywise's tranquil life. What happens if he learns the one thing that could shatter his-and his loving daughter's - world? How far would he go - how far would they both go-to regain what might be lost?
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