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Elias The Cursed h/c

Elias The Cursed h/c Elias The Cursed h/c

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Sylviane Corgiat & Corrado Mastantuono


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Those pieces of The Game Of Celestial Beings make you a great Magus."
"What do you know of this game?"
"During my travels I never stopped reading the fables and legends of these talismans coveted by fools. They say that this game comes from an era so ancient that it has been forgotten. They say that its power is so great that a lifetime is not sufficient to reunite the 32 pieces that are scattered throughout the world..."
"They say that the 32 pieces represent 32 stars in the sky and that each one imparts its special power to a talisman..."
"... And especially he who reunites the game in its entirety. They will then have access to a 33rd power. That is what you wish, is it not?"
"What more do you know, little man? And what is the power in question?"
"He who possesses the game in its entirety has the power to change his destiny, to travel back in time and start anew wherever he chooses..."

Which would be very handy for someone who has been cursed. Someone, say, who used to be a mighty and feared tyrannical ruler, having conquered most of the known world by the age of twenty before losing his entire army during a catastrophic 128-day siege and climatic final battle with the magician Melchior, who just for good measure then stole Elias' youthful body for his own. Now, believed to be dead, Elias wanders the earth looking for a way out of his plight, and perhaps also reflecting on the foolishness of youth, desiring world domination and indeed coveting talismans. Although, perhaps he's not entirely realised the latter just yet...

Another action-packed, exquisitely decorative slice of high fantasy from Humanoids. The French writer Sylviane Corgiat came to my attention with the brilliant THE SWORDS OF GLASS and here has come up with a yarn that's even more intricately crafted and just downright epic. Well, it was originally published in 2004 through 2007 in three parts in France, though wasn't translated into English until now as this complete collection. Italian artist Corrado Mastantuono is new to me I have to admit but it's the typical beautiful ligne claire illustration you hope for in a Humanoids publication.

I actually wrote of THE SWORDS OF GLASS that it was 'The best slab of Euro-fantasy I have read for some considerable time.' I think this is even better actually in terms of story-telling. Corgiat puts Elias through the veritable wringer plus assorted other medieval torture/plot devices on his quest to obtain the 32 talismans, and of course obtain his reckoning with Melchior, in a tale told with as much humour as there is gore.
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