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Daryl Seitchik


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Have you ever wished you were invisible?
What would you get up to if you were?
And then what effect would it have on your head once the novelty wore off and you realised you were stuck like that...?

Here's the publisher's blurb, which originally came written in invisible ink, of course, but fret ye not I've applied the top secret component to make it appear for you again... Be quick, before it vanishes...

"Claire Kim hates herself and the world she lives in. Working at a mirror store, she shows customers their reflections and daydreams about erasing her own. One night, on her way home, she gets her wish. Follow Claire as she wanders invisibly through the city and her own psyche."

It sounds like a fairly simple conceit. And it is. But it's extremely well done and followed through to include not only all manner of amusing vignettes as Claire accosts deserving misogynists in the street and plays voyeur to canoodling lovers but also dealing with the practicalities and quite frankly numerous impracticalities of being a disembodied voice and the emotional turmoil it clearly would create. Which if you're already on the edge, is probably likely to send you teetering over it. But maybe that's exactly what Claire needed...

Very well written piece of speculative fiction with real heart and more than a little dry humour too.