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Fanaticism s/c

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Date Released: Expected 30-Oct-19


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A maid's Victorian era dream romance twists into an NTR nightmare. Alyssa's a maid who's been recently hired to be the new help for a young aristocrat. During the day she helps with the simple cleaning of the mansion but by night, she helps her new master with his 'sexual education training,' so he can be a proper head of house. But as she's gaining more favor him and slowly falls for his affections, the rest of the help in the manor plot to teach this maid her place. Fanaticism by Siokonbu is a devious serving of dirty maids, torrid lessons, and a heaping portion of jealousy and NTR will satisfy readers' eager eyes. Siokonbu's artwork captures not only the elegant beauty of an innocent maid, but also the sadistic smile of her dominant mistress.
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