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Fell vol 1: Feral City

Fell vol 1: Feral City back

Warren Ellis & Ben Templesmith


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Everyone's hiding something."

Short, sharp detective fiction, each self-contained chapter setting up and solving a crime full of grime which Ellis has dragged in all its sordid detail from real-life headlines. You couldn't make this up, and fortunately Ellis hasn't had to, yet he does pack these episodes tight with insight and sardonic wit.

I still don't know what Detective Richard Fell has done to get himself expelled across the river to this decaying urban mess where he virtually is the one-man police force, nor do I know why that portly nun in the Richard Nixon mask patrols the foggy, midnight streets, or what if any level of supernatural activity is going on, but I am worried, and I'm doubting it's a nun.

Templesmith, like Ashley Wood on TANK GIRL, has finally found a robustly written vehicle for his blurry washes and sketched-out lines, polluting the pages with his greys, greens, blues and grotesques, and Fell's toxic yellow hair. It's almost as chilling as SILENT HILL. Don't expect Fell not to fuck up, either.
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