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Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex vol 1: Section 9

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Yu Kinutani


Page 45 Review by Tom

Manga based on the anime series which attempted to be more faithful to Shirow's manga masterpiece than the films were. Only that show was pretty bland, Shirow's weird cybersexed and perpetually vexed Major Kusanagi was translated into a cold and emotionless hard woman lacking humanity under her cybernetic shell, which side-steps her dynamic entirely.

Similarly Yu Kinutani is no Shirow, the cases tackled are not complex techno-crimes, rather familiar SF staples Columbo could crack with a ZX Spectrum. In fact the only case Major Kusanagi and Section 9 seem to be having a problem with is a case of diminished returns.

Without Shirow - or at least someone of equal capability - this is empty. Yu's art is rushed, as beautifully rendered the occasional wiry innards are, your suspension of disbelief is shattered at every available opportunity. You can forgive Shirow for having Kusanagi running around in little but a bathing suit as his style carries that, and his figure work is solid even if it's gratuitous. It's a little harder to take the Major seriously here, even in full Kevlar, if her eyes are looking in two directions, or Yu's sense of perspective merges her with Batu, un-intentionally creating a whole other kind of cyber-spider. That its sole redeeming factor is the inclusion of comedy shorts starring Section 9's sentient spider-tanks shows just how dire this is.