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Green Arrow: Year One s/c

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Andy Diggle & Jock


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

The battling bowman gets a retelling of his origin from the team behind THE LOSERS. And to be fair given the second-string material they're working with (apologies for the boxing glove arrow to the head punnage) in Oliver Queen, Diggle and Jock do a damn good job. I guess for me Green Arrow is never going to be a character I'm remotely interested in reading about. So it's probably testament to Diggle's writing skills that he manages to craft a story with sufficient depth of plot and characterisation, and sufficient twists and turns thrown in to make interesting the timeworn scenario of millionaire playboy struggling with boredom, lack of fulfilment etc. etc. forced into revaluating his path after brush with a life and death situation. Although to be fair to the bewhiskered Quiverer, several months stranded on a desert island with only a handmade bow for company would probably give me pause for thought too. Once Ollie realises the island isn't quite as deserted as he originally thought and he has several AK47-toting criminals overseeing an illegal heroin production operation for company the action heats up to explosive pitch as he decides to take them on himself in a John Rambo First Blood-style bow and arrow assault.

Jock's artwork is particularly good on the more expansive landscape scenes and he also manages to capture the action sequences in a suitably fluid style. GREEN ARROW diehards will undoubtedly approve of this retelling, the rest of us will probably just pick up Geoff John's GREEN LANTERN stuff instead.
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