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Harrow County vol 2: Twice Told s/c

Harrow County vol 2: Twice Told s/c Harrow County vol 2: Twice Told s/c

Harrow County vol 2: Twice Told s/c back

Cullen Bunn & Tyler Crook


Page 45 Review by Stephen

The worst horror lies not in squelching shadows - though you will have plenty of that - but in being deceived and disbelieved.

It lies in someone who spreads lies and bile about you.

The very worst horror lies in someone who spreads hatred in your own name.

Imagine how much worse that would be if they looked like you and they talked like you and everyone believed that it was you - yes, you - who was slurring and slandering those whom you loved, and awakening in others a terrible antipathy you'd long held at bay.

Horror comes in many forms, but never is it so vile and terrifying then when it comes from within.

Bucolic horror set in the American South starring a seventeen-year-old girl called Emmy, raised alone on a farm by her father, Isaac.

Many moons ago the good folk of Harrow hanged a Healing Woman called Hester from an old oak tree. Then, for good measure, they set fire to her gasoline-soaked corpse. Except it wasn't a corpse and, as the flesh of her face bubbled away in the conflagration, she hissed out a promise:

"Not the end... never the end for me... I'll be back..."

Can Emmy, with her strange gifts, persuade the locals that she is not Hester reincarnated or will they add fuel to the fire and perpetuate their crimes? And who is that rich young lady now come to town, so strikingly similar to Emmy that she could be her twin?

Sun-soaked or rain-drenched, the countryside is so rich in colour and texture and detail - you can feel the clammy mud as it is smeared on a petticoat - while the creatures which lurk in the depths of the forest are many, varied and terrifying.

For more, please see HARROW COUNTY VOL 1 or I will send you additional homework.
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