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Hellcyon back

Lucas Marangon


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Another title trying desperately far too hard to be the next APPLESEED / GHOST IN THE SHELL. However, like the recent woefully bland GHOST IN THE SHELL STAND ALONG COMPLEX manga by Yu Kinutani, without the master himself on the pens, Shirow it is not. I couldn’t establish whether it was the same artist doing the covers; I think it is the same guy, and if so, he’s certainly put considerably more effort into aping Shirow’s style on the front than inside where it all just goes a bit flat and two-dimensional, which doesn’t sound much like the future to me. The story is a kind of APPLESEED / ENDER’S SHADOW mash-up. And that’s being kind. Far too kind. I can’t resist finishing with a bit of the dialogue, which seems in places like it’s been put together by randomly picking phrases out of a hat, just in case you were somehow under the misapprehension that I enjoyed this.

"I want to live in Paris some day. What you did back there was very impressive."
"I’ve never killed anyone before. I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck."