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Hipster Hitler

Hipster Hitler back

James Carr, Archana Kumar


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

“We totes defs doing a close-up of the SS guards. Their uniform is a total synecdoche for the Reich.”
“But mein Fuhrer, while I love the SS uniforms... I don’t think we should make it a focal point. Just look at how angular it is – those sharp lines. How dead black its hue is. The hat is even adorned with a skull! Don’t you think it looks a bit like the embodiment of pure evil?”
“Exactly! And since we’re the good guys, it’s the ultimate irony!”

I literally howled with laughter throughout this work. I do understand that whilst there are those who might feel Austria’s most famous export is not wholly suitable for comedic use, in any medium, I would equally counter that there are few more ridiculous historical figures, and thus in fact he is quite fair game. Let’s be honest, people have been taking the piss out of Hitler since the classic 1940s movie The Great Dictator starring a certain Charlie Chaplin, possibly the last other person to also rock the toothbrush moustache until Robert Mugabe... Both I should add, Chaplin and Mugabe, make brief cameos in this work to great effect! At this point, to further set the scene I’m going to quote a little of the not-so-great man’s faux hipster-bio as envisaged by the two creators...

‘Hipster Hitler. It just rolls off the tongue doesn’t it? Hitler has climbed out of the history books and into a pair of skinny jeans to fully embrace the subculture we all knew he loved. Failed artist, vegetarian, animal rights activist, asshole – it just all fits. He refused to crawl until he was four because all the other babies were doing it, and had to be carried around in a small basket which he weaved himself. Eventually he escaped his humble town and moved to bustlingVienna, where he learned how to play synth and hate ethnic minorities.’

What follows is an alternative look at Hipster Hitler’s life from his service in World War I, through his rise to power, WWII and his eventual demise in his bunker, plus highlighting his love for synth and counter culture along the way. All the important points in history are noted, just not recounted exactly quite how you might remember them...

“Well mein Fuhrer, we’ve done it! The whole world is talking about our invasion of Poland.”
“Let me see that.”
“Ah Fuhrer, fret not. You’re not a monster, that headline...”
“It’s not that! <sob> Those cretins... they’re calling it a sequel! I’m progressive! They could at least call it something like ‘The Adolf Hitler Project.’”

And, if the reimagining of the historical record were not enough, then there are Hipster Hitler’s T-Shirts. In every strip he’s wearing a different white T-shirt emblazoned with a Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Relax’ style message. To finish off here are a few of my favourites though they are pretty much all chuckle-worthy...

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