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Hobo Mom h/c

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Charles Forsman & Max de Radigues


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Sissy, go inside. What are you doing here, Tasha?"
"I just wanted to see her... Get to know her."
"You don't have the right. Did you tell her?"
"No. 'Course not."
"And you're not going to. Why... what do you want?"
"Nothing. I swear."
"I don't have no money."
"Like I said, I just want to get to know her."
"You don't have that right!"

Charles THE END OF THE F*CKING WORLD Forsman and Max MOOSE De Radigues combine their own unique talents to produce this mysterious low-key tale of a lady riding the rails instead of running the family home.

I say mysterious, because in true Forsman fashion, the main characters don't offer up all the answers to their current motivations and precisely how they ended up in the collective and individual messes they find themselves in. Well, any answers really. Instead we are left wondering how this particular family hit the buffers and why Mom decided a life on the open road was the solution to her personal problems. We get feelings, though, albeit mainly of the intensely repressed kind. Some will out quite spectacularly. For a while at least...

Max De Radigues captures this sense of subdued yet strained inhibition very neatly with minimal linework combined with red letratone shading. For folks not familiar with his work I can see bits and pieces of Kevin FIELDER Huizenga, Hartley YOUNG FRANCES Lin and even a touch of Box AN ENTITY OBSERVES ALL THINGS Brown.

There's a tangible sense of space in the artwork here which probably accurately reflects the emotional distance between the roving, restless mother and her sad, sweet husband and unsuspecting daughter.