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Hugh back

Alexis Frederick-Frost


Page 45 Review by Stephen

A miniature gem of delighted discovery and life-changing, creativity-catalysing serendipity whose initial black and white cardstock is cut round Hugh's semi-profile so as to reveal a glimpse of the riotous, fuchsia-and-gold-coloured secondary cover behind.

The very first page of softly smudged pencils is rich in period detail from the buildings' ornate facades to the fashion of the few men and women seen parading down its relatively tranquil street with their walking sticks, hats and voluminous dresses and the single horse-drawn cart.

On the second we spy Hugh with his prominent nose and pointy, Poirot-like moustache prising open an envelope to reveal an evening's invitation to an Annual Accounts Report. Although excited, he diligently he maintains his ledger of what is due and what has been paid, but then he sets off at the bong of the clock, his thoughts full of formulae but - oh no! - it is raining, and the actual address is obliterated.

Hugh hastens on, recalling the street's number, for such is head for figures and attention to detail!

He is wrong.

But he's never been more right in his life.

What follows is a spiritual and visual blooming, which I've foreshadowed in my very first paragraph just as Frederick-Frost has when proving that you can judge this book by its cover.

This is what I love about comics: this!

The unexpected and the joyful, so succinctly expressed and so cleverly crafted by someone with something to say, and the skill with which to say it. If I thought for one second that we could import another hundred copies in time, I would declare this to be Page 45's Comicbook Of The Month for March.

Please note: we secured copies of this and so much more besides from Spit And A Half, the American distributor created, curated and manned by KING-KAT's John Porcellino.

You can find a full list of our recent acquisitions underneath Page 45's Reviews for February 2017 Week 2, each title linked to Porcellino's own summaries where we have yet to provide thoughts of our own.
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