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Idolized s/c vol 1

Idolized s/c vol 1 back

David Schwartz & Micah Gunnell, Pasquale Qualano

Date Released: Expected 07-Aug-19


Preview by Publisher Blurb

Aspen Comics proudly presents their first ever super-hero series, IDOLIZED! In a world filled with superheroes, it can be so difficult for a talented young person with powers to break into the hero industry and make their mark. At long last, the new TV series SUPERHERO IDOL is offering you a shot to achieve fame and fortune and to change your destiny. If you can survive the challenges and conquer the competition, you'll receive the greatest prize of all: the opportunity to join the world's most revered super-team: THE POWERED PROTECTORS! IDOLIZED tells the story of a girl with fledgling superpowers and a dark past, who seeks revenge, and ultimately finds redemption, over the course of competing in the SUPERHERO IDOL TV series. Now, the entire IDOLIZED story is gathered into a massive trade paperback, jam-packed with bonus materials that give a unique look into the creative process, including the original series pitch, scripts, character designs, art thumbnails, the process of creating a cover, never-before-seen photos from the RACHEL CLARK cover photo shoot, and much more! IDOLIZED is written by DAVID B. SCHWARTZ ('Meltdown'), with art by MICAH GUNNELL ('Shrugged') and PASQUALE QUALANO ('Barman '66'), with colors by DAVID CURIEL ('The Avengers'), and featuring a direct market cover by the legendary ARTHUR ADAMS. Don't miss out on one of the most innovative action-adventure series Aspen Comics has ever published!
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