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Iron Manticore One Shot

Iron Manticore One Shot back

Dave Sim & Dave Sim, Gustave Dore, Benjamin Hobbs


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Publisher Blurb

Released 25th September The Legend of the Iron Manticore continues! See! The Iron Manticore drunk as a skunk! See! The Iron Manticore write and perform 'cloning time'! See! The Iron Manticore get as far as page one of his book on fractals! See! The Iron Manticore get debriefed by his helmet! See! The Iron Manticore watch the NCAA razor-wire hog-tying finals on Ophidian SportsNet 2! See! The Iron Manticore warned that metaphysical regicide is imminent! See! The Iron Manticore watch a commercial for Jaws 12 on Bolgiaflix! See! The Iron Manticore put a dozen Pop-Tarts in his toaster oven and then forget them!