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Isle Of 100,000 Graves

Isle Of 100,000 Graves Isle Of 100,000 Graves

Isle Of 100,000 Graves back

Fabien Vehlmann & Jason


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"I need me some sailors to find a treasure."
"Get lost."
"It's the treasure of the isle of 100,000 graves."
"The legendary treasure... The isle of 100,000 graves. Many have sought it but none has ever returned."
"I found a map that shows where the island is. I'll guide you if take me with you."
"Have you got this map on you?"
"No. I ate it."
"How long ago?"
"Couple of days."
"Oh well. How do I know you aren't making this up?"
"Here's a scrap of the map I kept as proof."
"Alright then, we'll go with the ugly little girl."
"My name's Gwenny."
"Ha, ha. You're plucky. I like that. Three cheers for Gwenny, me hearties!"

Of course the pirate Captain has absolutely no intention of sharing the treasure with Gwenny, he's every intention of feeding her to the sharks once she's led them to the fabled isle. However, Gwenny is already at least five steps ahead of him, and everyone else for that matter. She's not even looking for treasure, instead she's actually on the trail of her father, who left home looking for the mythical treasure himself several years previously after finding a mysterious bottle with a map to the isle inside, and has never been seen since. Gwenny always believed her father was still alive, and one day finds a similar bottle. Believing it's a message from her father that he's alive and well, and in need of rescuing, she decides it's up to her to lead the attempt.

Except... except... the isle isn't quite what it seems, and the message she received most definitely didn't come from her father, for the isle is a sinister, sinful place, perhaps not too surprising given its name, hiding a dark and unexpected secret of its own... in addition to the 100,000 graves that is… and it's most definitely not treasure. Will Gwenny be able to outwit the pirates to get passage to the isle, and outfox the evil opponents she encounters there?

This is an absolutely hilarious adventure romp from Vehlmann and Jason, which minded me of (and really made me want to re-read) Tintin and also Lewis Trondheim's BOURBON ISLAND and previous Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month WALKER BEAN. Fans of Vehlmann's previous bonkers collaboration 7 PSYCHOPATHS with Sean Phillips will already know he can write a good 'off-the-wall and cartwheeling down the cliff behind' tale and Jason's hangdog art style perfectly complements the deadpan humour he's penned here. A child running rings round all and sundry is a tale that's oft been told, but rarely with the panache and wit displayed you'll find within these pages.
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