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JLA: The Deluxe Edition vol 3 s/c

JLA: The Deluxe Edition vol 3 s/c back

Grant Morrison, Mark Waid & Howard Porter, John Dell


Page 45 Review by Stephen

“Have we met? Have we met before?”
“Perhaps. At night. I have a million faces. Once my name was Daniel. I am the King Of Dreams.”

“My wife’s turning into ice cream! She’s dying in the sun! Help me! For God’s sake! Help me!”

That’s pretty indicative of Grant Morrison’s JLA: he reset the science in superpowers as the team goes up against more conventional armed forces like the Ultramarines, but after those spoons full of sugar he’d mainline the medicine right into your cerebral cortex. Big ideas spanning time and inner space, yet – true to the early years – unafraid to be daft, either. Plastic Man is used with aplomb: the joker who could be anywhere in the pack so long as the deck was red and yellow, and Howard Porter rose to each occasion with wit and exuberance.

I always missed Porter on his brief sabbaticals: his panels were buzzing with energy and his forms were colossal – you always felt the grander heroes to be two or three foot taller than you, their chests – like their shoulders – as broad as you like. He was no photo-realist; more of a meta-realist which seemed perfect for Morrison’s take on these characters which was never about fully realised individuals, but roles relative to each other and the story itself.

Also, I had entirely forgotten Neil Gaiman’s Dream playing such a substantial role in the two-parter involving the return of Starro the Conqueror in the form of those monocular, face-hugging green starfish and their somewhat larger counterparts. And I do mean large – continental pretty much covers it.