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Lisa Carver with Dame Darcy


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Science fiction, bad jokes, and hallucination vignettes by Lisa Carver (Rollerderby et al), all illustrated by the great Dame Darcy (Meat Cake). “I can’t recommend this book enough. Jaywalker is like a newspaper compendium full of stories written especially because the writer knows you want to read about them. Weird but true narratives about Easter Island natives, bloody crimes committed with pliers and plastic baseball bats, poetic, sexy, and funny just like the great Lisa Carver herself. I’ve been reading her stuff for years, this is the best yet. The illustrations by the brilliant cartoonist Dame Darcy add just the perfect note of creepy grandeur. A masterly book! And yes, I looked up the word “masterly.” —Tony Millionaire, Sock Monkey. 76 perfectbound digest-sized pages, full color covers, b+w interiors. (Self-published)
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