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Jim Henson's Dark Crystal Creation Myths Complete Collection s/c

Jim Henson's Dark Crystal Creation Myths Complete Collection s/c Jim Henson's Dark Crystal Creation Myths Complete Collection s/c

Jim Henson's Dark Crystal Creation Myths Complete Collection s/c back

Brian Froud, Joshua Dysart, Matthew Dow Smith & Alex Sheikman, Lizzy John


Page 45 Review by Stephen

All three volumes collected in a single softcover edition.

Many years ago, Tom wrote of volume one:

"Has it really been thirty years since this beautiful fantasy first came to the cinema?

"Brian Froud's designs for this film gave the story a weight the technical skill of the Jim Henson Co. couldn't carry alone. While in the film we see a dying world populated by mysterious characters, the world they inhabited was by far the most intriguing aspect the whole. Its ruined structures hinted at past prowess through the undergrowth, and a lot of thought went into what exactly they meant. The strange glyphs and diagrams carved into the buildings and stones weren't just throwaway aesthetic garnish, but based upon an understanding of the astronomical knowledge of this fictional world's tri-star system. Which if you remember from the film, orbited the planet Thra and "sung" to the Crystal deep in its bowels. This is symbolised by a series of concentric circles encasing an inverted triangle. From this emblem Henson & Co created not only a world, but a religion, a complex society. Then they destroyed it, leaving us with arcane hints in the fantastic dystopia of Thra."

In lieu of a review for volume two, I wrote (decidedly off-topic, feel free to ignore):

One of my many nicknames over the years was 'Gelflin'. I know it's hard to believe these days, what with me looking like the unnatural child of Uncle Fester and Nosferatu but with my ski-slope nose I was once pretty... after the artful application of much slap and kohl.

My primary pseudonym is 'Peter'. It endures to this day in post-punk circles, possibly because it doesn't sound like a nickname. It was so prevalent in the '80s that even the closest of friends sometimes took ten years to realise that my real name was in fact Beelzebub.

'Peter' also owes itself to my ski-slope nose and consequent youthful demeanour: it was Peter as in Peter Pan.


Other nicknames have included 'Jimmy Dean' (must be pronounced in a broad Glaswegian accent), 'boss' (no one has actually ever regarded me as their boss - it was pure mockery on Tom's part) and, when my mother is so often infuriated with me, it's 'Herbert Henry Arthur George'. That one is best bellowed.

All the above is true.

Irrelevant, but true.

Please see THE POWER OF THE DARK CRYSTAL for the second film which was never made.
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