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Jim Henson's The Power Of The Dark Crystal vol 1 s/c

Jim Henson's The Power Of The Dark Crystal vol 1 s/c Jim Henson's The Power Of The Dark Crystal vol 1 s/c

Jim Henson's The Power Of The Dark Crystal vol 1 s/c back

Simon Spurrier & Kelly Matthews, Nichole Matthews


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"A hundred years ago the Crystal was healed and in its light a lost race was reborn."

We'll return to that anon, but what you'd most like to know as soon as possible, I suspect, is how this fits in with Jim Henson's puppet-theatre film?

It's the sequel. It's the direct, fully authorised sequel which was developed over many years and original intended to be released as a feature film. As such it's scripted by Simon Spurrier (CRY HAVOC: MYTHING IN ACTION etc) based on screenplays by Craig Pearce and Annette Duffy and David Odell, and its art doesn't half glow, which is a good job given that it features a brand-new race called the Firelings. They live near the planet's molten core. Anyway, here's Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company and the Muppet maestro's daughter:

"Jen and Kira have been peacefully ruling Thra from the Crystal Castle for many years... They have grown very old and are living in a haze of memories and ritual, and the peaceful complacency of their court belies a neglect and lack of engagement with the Crystal and Thra itself. Into that setting, a young Fireling girl from the centre of the planet comes to ask a difficult favour of them, a shard from the Crystal to save her civilisation."

I've only skimmed the first of these chapters reprinting the first four of twelve comics, but it did strike me as odd that "A hundred years ago the Crystal was healed" was impressed upon us three times during the three-page pre-credit sequence, bursts first from the title page yet again, then is repeated two pages later, then two pages after that. It struck me as odd right up until the first chapter's cliffhanger when I realised why this favour to the Firelings would be so very difficult.

The Gelflings are an animist culture, worshipping the Crystal as a god.

And for a shard to be given, they must first shatter the Crystal itself.