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Life Sucks

Life Sucks back

Jessica Abel, Gabriel Soria & Warren Pleece


Page 45 Review by Stephen

To those of us who've fantasised about being a vampire and remaining young for evermore: imagine being bitten whilst too young to legally drink - you'd be asked for I.D. for the rest of your very long life!

A vampire comedy, this is highly commended to Buffy fans in particular but everyone else as well on account of it being the antithesis of everything I expected from it. For starters, the vampires aren't going to be who you'd expect; for the main course, they aren't going to do what you'd expect them to do; and for dessert, there's just no justice in life, is there?

Gawky vegetarian night-shift store attendant Dave Miller falls in love with a young, gothic designer whose friends are utter poseurs. But not all of his own acquaintances are above shallow practices either, and when one of them discovers Dave's infatuation he uses his considerable resources (money, looks and what he considers to be charm) to get the girl first. Dave also has to contend with his miserly boss with a strong Eastern European accent, his friends' constant jibes, and his addiction to soap opera. I know it doesn't sound too prepossessing, but it's "sharper than a serpent's tooth" and I really don't want to give too much more away because the creators themselves intend the surprises.

I will just add that Pleece keeps it real in a very good way, and you're not going to be expecting a shoddy script from Jessica Abel, creator of ART BABE and LA PERDIDA, are you?

Here's Dave's mate at the bar of a fashion show crammed full of goths:

"Can I get you anything?"
"Yes, I'd like to buy everybody in the house a sense of humour and a better wardrobe."