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Like A Shark In A Swimming Pool

Like A Shark In A Swimming Pool back

Verity Hall


Page 45 Review by Dominique

This is a great little comic: a coming out story, a growing up story and a "some people can be absolutely awful, but others can be really quite great" story. Although told mostly in retrospect the key points, the ones on which the story hinge, hit you as very current, like the whole horrible thing is unfolding on you right now.

School-days drama is captured really well - boozy parties going a bit wrong, best mates transformed into bullies overnight and previously joyous things like favourite lessons and lunchtime hang-outs turned into desperate 45-minute sessions of hiding away in a corner. Even lovely parents, previously seen as protectors and champions suddenly just don't seem to get it. Thankfully there are the little points of light too - the teacher who just "gets" it, the parents who *do* see what needs to be done and the friends who actually *are* friends, for real.

The art is nice with a blue and purple colour scheme that fits the story very well. There are a couple of truly great "what you look like in your mind's eye" moments too which are both a bit funny and totally tragic, which is a pretty clever thing to pull off. A really touching, spirited and honest story, well told.
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