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Lose #7

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Michael DeForge


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Two bites of DeForge-based barmy in a week! The Lose series has always been Michael's sandbox of insanity where he really lets himself go and experiments to the max. Ironically, this issue, the first of the Lose series in full colour, contains one of his most straightforward stories. For Michael, that is... It's entitled 'Movie Star', an epic 35-pager which is sandwiched between two much shorter, and considerably more surreal stories, that start and finish the issue.

The two shorts are both great, but it's 'Movie Star' which had me utterly captivated. Kim and relatively decrepit Dad, Louis, live a very mundane life in their tiny flat, the highlight being their movie nights when they'll watch endless action films. Kim is utterly obsessed with her Dad's likeness, as a young man in old photographs, to the current-day huge movie star, Gregory Tan. Louis doesn't want to hear anything about it, for reasons he won't explain to her, but one day whilst Kim is out shopping, he makes a phone call that will change their lives forever...

Which is where matters start to get weird, of course! Kim arrives home to find Gregory Tan sat in her living room drinking beers with her dad, chatting away merrily, just like it was the most normal thing in the world. They are indeed long-lost brothers and the process of familial reconnection begins. But Michael being Michael, it's not your usual sort of catching up. Kim might just end up wishing she hadn't kept bugging her dad about Uncle Gregory, not that any of us, let alone Kim, could possibly guess what is going to happen next...