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Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Fans of John Arne Sæterøy, to use his real moniker, will know there is probably no one in comics more deadpan than Jason. Aside from his chortle-worthy collaboration with Fabien Vehlmann, ISLE OF 100,000 GRAVES, which we made a Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month, he prefers to adopt a rather more straightforward, indeed veritably laconic approach. Often his works pay homage to works in other media, book or films, and this time around is no exception, being one big love letter to The Big Sleep. We have several characters who aren't what they seem, plus double crosses and secrets galore scattered liberally throughout. It's up to our Phillip Marlowe / Humphrey Bogart private eye Dan Delon, an anthropomorphic dog obviously, to get the bottom of precisely what is going on, and just possibly get the dame as well.

I really enjoyed this work, as I have pretty much all Jason's output, but I found the ending of the last twelve or so pages rather... odd. It's like he suddenly decided to switch genre from '40s pulp to '50s sci-fi, because he couldn't work out how to end it properly. It's odd, because I thought it was all coming to a conclusion quite nicely. Or he just couldn't help himself. Strange. Still, fans of his will undoubtedly enjoy this. Finally, I did chuckle at the missing person poster for Jason himself after the last page, imploring anyone who finds him to contact Fantagraphics. For no reward!
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