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The Manara Library vol 5 h/c

The Manara Library vol 5 h/c back

Milo Manara


Information from Stephen

Gorgeous production values once more on these 250 pages of exotic, erotic adventure as evidenced by the switch from matt to gloss for ‘To See Once More The Stars’ in which Manara, the classiest of the Eurotitty crew, deploys the most beguiling of wet washes in stormy blues and purples.

The stygian crags (think Gustave Doré) swirling in mist are phenomenal, while the sequestered isle, shrouded in cloud and surrounded by still, inky waters which ripple as the rowing boat approaches, is a compact ruin with poplars reaching for the sky like some detail from a Claude Lorrain landscape after a Biblical flood.

The textures on the early, matte pages will mind you of Moebius; later this gives way to even crisper art with ethereally outlined clouds or, when the wind gets up out at sea, skies depicted in a manner akin to the contour lines on an Ordinance Survey Map when those mountains are at their steepest!

The publisher writes:

“Giuseppe Bergman is still looking for adventure in all the wrong places: from Africa to the Aegean, Manara's signature character stars in a film with a vanished director; re-creates the legendary voyage of Ulysses; and babysits a woman whose urge to reenact classic paintings lands her in Dante's hell! Manara's artwork and satirical voice are both in top form, and these stories, spanning two decades, are among his funniest, sexiest, and most beautiful! Collects the classic An Author in Search of Six Characters and Dies Irae, along with Bergman's Odyssey and The Urban Adventures.”

For an introduction to Giuseppe Bergman adventures, please see my more extensive review of the MANARA LIBRARY VOL 4 while I covered Manara’s work in general in MANARA LIBRARY VOL 1 – and indeed the other volumes, all in stock at the time of typing.