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Melag Town Of Fables

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Bong Redila


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A haunting, nostalgic collection of short comics that is at once an homage to childhood and a simple wish that tomorrow everything will be fine. Welcome to Meläg, an eerily fantastic town located somewhere between dreamland and the real world of Bong Redila's childhood hometown in the Philippines and where love, joy, and heartbreak hold hands.

Travel on a train with singing, blob-like beings, spy a shack that floats above the treetops because of a 'borrowed' magical broomstick, romp with futuristic creatures on a playdate, roam a carnival with two goofy boys, dance the father-daughter dance at a wedding with a robot, and cry with two lost souls who come together as friends in the rain.

Originally published in the Philippines, where it is an award-winning bestseller, Meläg: Town of Fables marks the English language debut of Filipino American illustrator and author B. Redila. Drawn in a spidery, cross-hatched pen-and-ink style reminiscent of Edward Gorey, this charming collection will transport readers of all ages.
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