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Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad h/c

Milk & Cheese: Dairy Products Gone Bad h/c back

Evan Dorkin


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Gin makes a man mean!"
"Everyone booze up and riot!"

Massive, album-sized upgrade for barely more money, so much of this material has never been collected before, and the extras are unbelievable!

Love them with money or they'll hate you with hammers! These dairy products gone bad are educating America - one moron at a time! This isn't a review, it's a misappropriation of Dorkin's own comedy. If you love Jamie Smart (BEAR, UBU BUBU) then you need this book: scathing satire, mass destruction, immolation, incineration and if you're an old-skool comic shop selling nothing more than superheroes to the painfully maladjusted, then you are in for a thorough kicking. No one is safe: neither stand-up comedians nor fall-down pensioners; the police, the obese or those now deceased. Prepare for pointless conflict! There are dozens and dozens of maniacal short stories here filled with frenzy, fury and fist-fights, all effortlessly insane with comedy. We're talking ART D'ECCO on amphetamines, SUGAR BUZZ on a sugar buzz.

We used to have the gorgeous vinyl-figure set which included implements of devastation. On the back was the first new Milk & Cheese strip in yoinks although you could probably guess what happened (see "implements of devastation"). It's reprinted here on page 214, concluding with the commendable exhortation, "You're either buyin' or you're dyin'!"

On top of the previously collected strips, these are the upgrades:

80 pages of comics that have never been collected before. A 24-page section featuring all the colour M&C strips, a cover gallery (not just MILK & CHEESE but also DEADLINE, COMICS JOURNAL etc.), pin-ups, trading card an merchandise art. I have the beer mat that screams "Get that drink --" " - The @*#! Off of us!" A 24-page B&W supplemental section featuring pin-ups ups (neat Jill Thompson SCARY GODMOTHER crossover), t-shirt designs and more. The rare 1997 M&C Special Edition 16-page mini-comic featuring the expanded "Darth Vader Overdrive" strip and extras. A glossy new print quality that doesn't suck!

You should also follow the man on Twitter. One of my favourites:
"Oh, comic book industry. You've gained so much experience, when will you level up?"