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Mister I

Mister I Mister I Mister I

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Lewis Trondheim


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Companion volume to the laugh-out-loud MISTER O in which Trondheim gives himself 60 panels a page to tell silent stories, each of which goes like this: Mister I spots some food; Mister I desires that food; Mister I will do anything to get his hands on that food, and winds up dead because of it.

Some of his methods are ridiculously convoluted, none of them appear to involve a conscience, and as often as not he takes other people with him. Like MISTER O, a lot of the humour is cumulative whilst at other times it's the sheer mechanics involved - the acrobatics, the elaborate sequence of cause-and-effects - which produce the chuckles. You might try playing the Pink Panther theme whilst reading this - it's a fairly decent match.

Interestingly, the panel here is being used like a theatrical stage, its borders being the edge of that stage past which nothing can be seen either by the audience or by the participants. That means that even if Mister I is but a couple of feet off-panel, he can attempt to fly-fish a carrot from under a farmer's nose with invisible impunity. Occasionally Trondheim holds out just a glimmer of hope for Mister I after surviving bees, fire, guns, arrest - even mistakenly harpooning an enormous whale/shark - but then he just gets complacent or greedy again and - twang! - that's all she wrote.

Some of the funniest sequences involve the old "pie left by an open window" routine, one of which brings the house down, and the final page is a highly satisfying reversal of everything that has gone before, whose punchline I'll keep to myself. MISTER O is now back in stock and makes a sly guest appearance here (as ever, at the edge of his favourite chasm) and thanks to Mister I, once more plummets to his death!