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Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c

Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c Moomin: Comic Strips vol 2 h/c

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Tove Jansson


Page 45 Review by Stephen

For an introduction which sets the scene for all that will follow, please see MOOMIN VOL 1.

Here, however, begin the adverse weather conditions and enter the first of many irritating, overly presumptuous house guests.

Being restless, resourceful, hyper-inquisitive and highly inventive made for great drama, but above all the Moomin family were ever-welcoming and felt duty-bound to find room in their house for even the strangest of strangers, so built up quite the circle of equally curious friends whose definitions of 'friendship' varied considerably, often straying into "How do we take maximum advantage of this limitless hospitality?" The Moomins' naivety in this regard often made them victims of their own innocence, so there's more drama to be gleaned there.

If not, the weather will oblige and one can't help but consider Jansson well ahead of her time environmentally, for winter is one thing but the floods could be biblical in proportion.

This edition includes 'Moomin Mamma's Maid' and 'Moomin Begins A New Life' plus...

Moomin's Winter Follies

"I do think the behaviour of the human male very strange."
"Yes. But they are wonderful."


The family Moomin break their tradition of winter hibernation to discover the joys of a snowswept Moominvalley, only to be roped into winter sports by the officious Mr. Brisk of the Great Outdoors Association.

Ever so swiftly it grows way too competitive and people's feelings get hurt. Especially Mymble's: she's only gone and fallen in love… again!

Includes what is possibly the only snowball fight ever to be thrown (arf!).

Moomin Buillds A House

"Pappa? There is some villain outside!"
"How exciting!"

That's no villain, that's Mymble's mother and her seventeen new brothers and sisters! Oh wait, it is a villain because she's invited herself to stay with no warning at all and no plans to leave until Midsummer. Also, she's oblivious to the wretched little monsters' chaos and destruction.

"Don't they fight each other?"
"Of course. But I don't like to keep scolding them. I just… pour some water over them… or lemonade."

Little My is the worst, rousing the rabble into abducting Mrs. Fillyjonk's offspring and tying them to totem poles. She's relentless and remorseless in terrorising the Moomin household, while her mother takes a positive pride in what she sees as skills. Poor Moomins: always the victims of their own goodwill and hospitality! In the end, they can only persuade her to behave by abiding by My's harsh ultimatum: she wants Moomintroll's bedroom all to herself.

And that's why he has to build a house for himself and Snorkmaiden. He's… not very good at it.

The ultimate in poor parenting and the dangers of D.I.Y..

Which is why I don't do any.

D.I.Y. or parenting - you take your pick. See also: dusting, vacuuming, washing up… We could be here all day.

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