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Moomin: Comic Strips vol 4 h/c

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Tove Jansson


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Papa Moomin invents a time machine by accident by deciding it would be a great idea to repair an old clock and a sewing machine at the same time (as you do), meaning the Moomin clan can go and adventure with water pistols in the Wild West and visit eighteen century France where maybe at last even Snork Maiden might find some romance. Well that's the intention at least but where Papa Moomin's schemes are involved nothing ever quite goes to plan as you might expect.

Also, the Moomins get conscientious and (briefly) decide a life of industry and privation would be a good thing, before it all gets a bit too much! And that's all before having to deal with the end of the world, at least that's what the arrival of a comet seems to suggest to everyone in Moomin Valley.

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