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Moomin Falls In Love

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Tove Jansson


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"Why sulk? We are safe! Do you know the difference between the first love and the last? It's this: you always think the first love is the last and the last the first..."
"Oh, shut up."

I love it when young Moomintroll's cross. His brow cuts right down into his big, black eyes in a glacial glare. La Goona’s horse is quite right when you think about it, though (it is she who is speaking first): that’s quite a shrewd observation.

One of my all-time favourite episodes taken from the black and white MOOMIN VOL 3 hardcover, and rendered here as a full-colour, floppy landscape edition.

Here we have a flood of positively Biblical proportions engulfing Moominvalley to the extent that only the scant few tallest trees and the attic of the Moomins’ household bob above the water. Which is odd because it stopped raining hours ago. Emotions are running as high as the tide – it is to wonder which caused which – and there are troubles of the heart in store for Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden when a beautiful but vain leading lady, Miss La Goona, is washed their way and takes up residence, much to Snorkmaiden’s dismay. Moomintroll can't do enough for her, diving down to the kitchen through a hole in the floorboards for coffee, which mysteriously surfaces undiluted, and Snorkmaiden pouts with jealousy.

"Can't you sleep?"
"I can't stop thinking about you spreading a blanket over La Goona."
"But she was cold."
"That I am cold of course doesn't matter."
"Darling, you can have my whole quilt."
"Take it away! It's stifling here!"

"Women..." thinks Moomin as poor Snorkmaiden rolls over and away, sobbing her heart out.

What followers is infinitely more endearing than an Eastenders sub-plot, but bearing all of its hallmarks as everyone tries to second-guess each other’s dissemblance by dissembling themselves and poor Moomintroll is utterly baffled, completely unsure of how to conduct himself without causing offence or discarding his innate chivalry.

Meanwhile Snorkmaiden packs her bags ("I'll go far away"), pops out of the window ("He doesn't love me any longer") and rows across the waters ("He will never see me again") to the top of a moonlit tree.

"I wonder how long it will be before he comes to get me..."

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