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Mouse Guard: Autumn 1152 h/c (US Edition)

Mouse Guard: Autumn 1152 h/c (US Edition) back

David Petersen


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Absolute quality. Three mice follow the trail of another who's gone missing whilst transporting grain. These three are members of The Guard, their society's protectors, and being so far down the food-chain, they need some protection, and not just from their natural predators, it seems, for the real enemy - one that stands poised to start a bloody revolution - lies within.

Mesmerising art, from the intricate textures to the glowing colours, which carries the whole and to which you will return over and over again. You can feel the rain drenching their sodden fur, you can almost hear the snaps of the giant crabs' pincers, and that castle, inside and out, looks as magnificent and sturdy as any you'll have seen before. Also: swarms of bees, vicious snakes, dark and dangerous underground passages, and where would a tale like this be without a mysterious old mouse sitting in front of a blazing fireplace?

It's hardly original, high literature, but you're due an indulgent pleasure now and again, aren't you? Recommended for softies aged 6 to 60 plus.
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